fast research

The MBIR reactor facility is developed to comprehensively address the challenges of accelerated development of engineering, technologies, and scientific research in nuclear energy utilization. MBIR is essential as a key, and in some respects the only, element of ROSATOM's research infrastructure to ensure the development and verification of "new nuclear energy" and "low-carbon development" technologies. The creation of this unique research facility serves the achievement of national goals in compliance with the Government-approved list of initiatives for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2030

Yuri Olenin, Deputy Director General for Science and Strategy of ROSATOM.

Thermal capacity
150 MW
Maximum density of neutron flux
50 years
Independent loop facilities
Na, He,
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Biomedical research
Materials science research
Testing technologies for closure of NFC. M.A. burning, multiple recycling
Testing of new equipment
and design solutions
and fuel cell testing
Isotope production
Safety-related studies
Structural materials
and applied studies
Loop studies
with different coolants
a global international scientific platform for experimental nuclear physics research and substantiation of the development of two-component nuclear power.
promotes international research partnerships on the basis of MBIR to form bilateral and multilateral scientific programs with the aim of developing Generation IV technologies and implementation of a two-component nuclear power system.
was founded in 2019 with the aim of organizing the IRC MBIR Consortium to implement international scientific cooperation and to meet topical challenges in innovative nuclear technologies based on the MBIR reactor.